About Us

Our main objective: Help People Help One Another. We believe that each person can be valuable to another regardless of age, sex, status, religion, location, and the likes. We also believe that everyone have multiple talents that would be respected, valued, and helpful to the rest of the world. The problem is the lack of platform that will expose and engage these people with one another in real-time.

Thus, Dadda – a Service Networking platform – was developed.

Dadda connects Seekers (people requiring assistance) with Producers (people offering assistance) in real time to get immediate answers and solutions to whatever topics, issues, questions, or problems they may have. Each member can be a Seeker and Producer at any given time, even concurrently. Producers can help Seekers while also receiving help from other Producers.

The concept is simple: Seekers pay $2 each time they receive help from a Producer and the Producers get paid $1 each time they help a Seeker.